Are you popular?

Are you popular?

Always wanted to know if other people think your popular? :)

published on December 19, 2010169 responses 48
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How many friends do you have? (Seems simple but true:L)

LOTSS - too many to count:)
Friend? Ermm.... none:/?
Dunno - quite a few! :)

At school - The teacher asks you a question, what do you do?

Have a go at answering it, not sure if its right :)
Ignore them, laugh and say 'dunno' :L
Answer it correctly of course!!

For christmas this year, what did you ask for?

New calculator, compass or money-saving gift.
Clothes, money or the latest toys and STUFF!!:D
A book about friends on adventures, a film and sweeties:).

What's your bedtime? And when you wake up agaaain?:')

LATE 'til ermm late again, who cares about school:L
Quite late 'til just bofore school starts;)
Go to bed early - after homework time and wake up in enough time to get ready to learn!!:D

You have to join a club at school:3 which one will it be?

Chess club, for boys and girls:)
RUGBY! - for boys, DANCE! - for girls.
Idk, art or something? Or maybe netball:L