r u a good friend

r u a good friend 2 ur bff

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ur spending ur whole day with ur family but ur friend is super sick and wants u to come and see her wht do u do

just ditch ur family and go see ur bff
just leave her family is more imporant than friends
bring ur family over 2 ur bffs house
call ur bff and yell at her cuz she knows that its ur hang out with family day

a mean girl is being mean 2 ur bff cuz what ur bff is wearing wht do u do

go and support ur bff
start laughing at ur bffs clothes 2
make fun of the mean girl
do wht the mean girl is doing

in class ur bff falls asleap wht do u do

wake her up
dont wake her up u might get in trouble
touch her gently on the arm
ignore her shes the one that fell asleap she should wake up by herself

ur really tired and fall asleap but ur bff calls wht do u do

anwser on the last ring
dont anwser
grab ur phone and put it up 2 ur ear as soon as ur phone rings
put it 2 voicemail dosent my bff no im sleeping

ur bff comes over 2 watch a girly movie but u hate the movie and u want 2 watch a different movie wht do u do

watch the girly movie
argue with ur bff til she wants 2 watch ur movie
watch half of the movie and watch half of ur movie
tell her 2 get out if ur bff wont watch ur movie