Sutton or Emma

Sutton or Emma

This is a personality quiz designed to determine wether you are like Sutton or Emma

published on November 29, 201211 responses 2 5.0★ / 5

would you rather have the new electric car, or the new ferrari?

Electric car!

do you require the newest gadgets like the new iphone?


dress or sweats and sweatshirt?

sweats and sweatshirt

Would you date an ugly boy/girl with a great personality?


Would you rather spend your night partying, or would you rather stay at home and hang out with a few friends?

Hang out!

do you make time for people who seem alone? Or do you avoid them and avoid conflict?

make time
avoid them

would you leave your home without notice to find your long lost sister all the way across the country?


would you rather be rich and have no bond with your family, or be poor and have the best friendships and connections with your family?

be rich
be poor

high heels or sneakers?

high heels

would you rather have a boyfriend you end up marrying or having tons of boyfriends until you find the right one?

having tons
having one

if you had a free day how would you spend it?

partying and out with friends
hanging out with your family

are you into super sexy guys with big muscles but a small personality?