Pretty Little Liars Personality Quiz

Pretty Little Liars Personality Quiz

who are you from the pretty little liars? Aria, Spencer, Emily, Hannah or Alison. find out right here!!!

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your sister is going out with a boy who is a criminal/bad person. what do you do?

try to explain to her he's bad. she has to believe me, i'm her sister
get him in trouble, that'll serve him right
try and lure him away from her and crush him into pieces
i don't know, S.O.S friends!!!
play a trick on him, interrogate him, blackmail him, what else can't i do?

what activities do you like doing best in your free time?

studying or playing cricket or tennis or something
chilling out, texting, stuff like that
shopping for shoes and clothes and make up, giving tips and stuff
swimming, my favourate sport, or maybe athletics.
chilling out, or getting in trouble somewhere

someone interrogates you for money. they promise that they will pay if you do what they say. what do you do?

walk away. it'll cause more trouble
play along and then crush them to pieces
depends if i know them or not
i have to help my mom, she has problems and i need that money for her
text your friends, maybe they can help to make the decision

how do you react to shopping, make up and boys?

leave the boy part out, i don't chase them, they chase me
not really, i prefer studying
no, i love sports
all 3 without a second thought

how well can you keep secrets?

depends, how good is it for me anyway?
i'll keep them, as long as you keep mine
yeah, i am a grave!
if it's a secret worth keeping
i'll keep it only if they are my friends

your brother has been breaking into houses and stealing stuff. your friend catches him and tells you. what do you do?

i don't know, i need help with this one
get angry and upset and try to ignore him
don't tell anyone. i completely understand him
tell my friends. they'll know what to do

what is your favorite sport?

i'm trying new things, but i cannot decide
no sport for me
swimming, athletics
shopping... what? you stretch your legs while walking
cricket, tennis, badminton, hockey

what is your dream boyfriend like?

smart, funny, who will understand me
cool, chilled out, maybe even cute
i guess i always get the ones i cannot be with really
fit, hot, amazing, popular!!! wait, i already got him...
someone just like me

your family finds out a dark secret about you, what is it?

it was i who blew up the house
i am dating a teacher
i am a lesbian
i don't have one, oops
i'm causing my siblings trouble, and it's bad...

what would you do if you're being questioned by the police because they think you've done something wrong when you haven't

explain to them that it wasn't me
i.. need.. to.. breathe
chill out, the more worried you are about it, the more it'll seem like it was you. maybe ask them for a ride back home
think logic, give them proof it wasn't you
freak out a little, but you have friends by your side