what kind of cake you are?

what kind of cake you are?

what kind of cake you are? find it out in this super ultra duper funny quiz.

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your favorite color is...

rainbow mark

what present would you rather give?

a pillow.
a picture of mine
a memebership card of green peace
a big hug and a kiss!

when you wake up in the morning your first thought comes in your mind is....

it's a great a day
here we go again
omg! what a polusion
i need to hug someboy

your tv serie favorite character is...

hannah montana
box bunny
pepe le puff

when somebody needs help you...

you think options until somebody goes and helps
"what's your problem? dont you see i'm alredy here?"
"let's start from the beginig of troble, ow can i help?"
i know what you need i tiny little hug!