What Full House character are you?

What Full House character are you?

Have you ever wonder what character in the tv show full house you would be? Take the quiz and find out!

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Do you like animals?

No way! Their way to dirty or I'm allergic to
I LOVE them!!
Um their ok I guess

In a friend what are you looking for?

Some one who likes the same things as me
and enjoys the same hobbies.
Some one to have fun with!
Some one to talk to and easy to get along

What do you do on weekends?

Go to a party or a bar! I love to be wild!
Stay home and watch movies!
Sleep or do nothing!
Clean the house or do yard work!

What where you like in school or are you like in school?

Im/ or was a rule braker and loved to cause
Im/or was a very good sudent got good
grades and never broke a rule!
Im/or was a athletic person in school I loved
gym class and was on sports teams!
Im/ or was the Class clown or the person that
could make people laugh!

What would you rather be when you grow up?

A model or a clothes designer
A Musican or a singer
A Comedian or a talent/tv show host
A famous Actor

What superpower would you rather have?

Super speed!
Read peoples minds!
To Fly or to swim realy fast!

If you could travel to any part of your life would you go to the future or go back in time?