Is Stardom for U?

Is Stardom for U?

Everybody asks themselves at I star-worthy?Well now it's time to see if you really are?

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You were eating pizza with your Bff but then she notices Justin Bieber and starts squealing.You:

Say he's cute but know your CUTE-ER
Squeal as much as she is
Tell her your a much better looker,singer and that you have IT
Tell her what makes Justin Bieber weird

What would your Star name be?


Are you a party animal?

What's a party animal?
It depends
Almost all the time
I am a super party animal!

Who's prettier?

5 people and 1 is me
2 people and 1 is me
Everybody but me

What sounds like a good song when you actually get to record some?

About to Fly
When You Fly To The Sky

How many stars have you actually seen in person or at least gone to concerts for?

Almost 50!
About 20!
About 100!

Your about to sing for a local band.Suddenly,Rihanna shows up and when you realize it's a dream,you:

Actually think it was real.You ARE talented!
Go back to sleep!You need to REST for the big day!
Know that your not that far from the real thing happening
Force your head to pretend it's NOT a dream

You were at the movies with your boyfriend and everything was okay until someone set your chair on fire.You:

Scream and panic and just watch the fire grow
You move yourself and get the heck outta of there
You scream and then you run
Turn to your boyfriend and urge him to move.Then they won't blame you