What Kind of Warrior Cat Are You???

What Kind of Warrior Cat Are You???

This is a little quiz I am making for my friends. And because I am board... anyways hope you like it. : )

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What saying do you like the most???

Get back on that horse and try again.
Its better to have tried and failed than to try and won.
You can only get better.
Failure is success if we learn from it.
You cant change the past ,but you can affect the
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
We learn from what is right and what is wrong we
make new mistakes and learn from them.

What would you do if you saw another animal that got hurt in the road???

Go to your house and call the vet.
Leave it alone!!!
Drag it out to the side.
Take it in and nurture it.
Look at It and walk away.
Examine the wounds and help.

What is your favorite color???

none of these

What do you do in your free time???

Take walks and see what I can find.
Explore your neighborhood or forest.
Sit inside and take naps.
Work hard on completing your chores.
Go out and get candy from the nearest convenience
Play inside and take cat naps.
Try to figure out a puzzle or book passage.

Where would you go on a weekend???

Where would you go on a weekend???
To the beach of course!!!
Shopping for new shoes.
The playground!
The community Library to study. I have a test on
The mall to hang out with my friends!
Outside to get some fresh air and explore.
To visit my uncle in California.

Choose one!


What would you do when some one was stuck in a tree and cant get down???

What would you do when some one was stuck in a tree and cant get down???
Run away thinking that they can get down by
Climb the tree and get stuck with the person.
Sing songs so they get annoyed and try do get down
by them selves.
Tell someone near by the problem.
Walk away like the person is invisible.
Tell the to not worry and help them get down.
Run around the tree and brag to them that your not in
the tree.

What do you feel like is the best reason for you???

Annoying every one who passes you and hurting there
Having some one to talk to you.
Taking control over a serious situation.
Helping some one who orders you around and tells you
what to do.
Helping people who are lonely or sick get better.
Stay in a corner away from people or help.
Playing around and not listening to orders.