Are you and your Bff close?

Are you and your Bff close?

Have you ever thought to yourself how close am I and my Bff?Well here's your answer!Take this quiz to find out if you two are really close with each other!

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You make the Erikas Cheerleading squad and your Bff dosen't.What does your Bff do?

Congragulates you and says you'll do great at next week's Pep Rally
Makes sure the Erikas Squad makes everything hard for you

Your Bff just arrived from a big trip to Europe but when you find out she didn't bring you anything you:

Make a big deal and vow to bring her lint when you go to Africa next week
Don't talk about it and ask how her trip had gone

You were texting your Bff but before you even texted she asks you "Let's go to my fav resturaunt since we went to yours last time" when you never did.You text back:

No,we went to yours 3 times in a row.Admit it!
Um we went to yours last time but I like your fav returaunt so we can go tomorrow!

You just pitted out infront of the whole class and everyone is laughing at you.Your Bff:

Tells everyone that you can't pit out unless your cool
Is too embarrssed so she laughs too

During the last day of school somebody tells you that the whole school will be burned down in 2 weeks.Who do you talk to?

My mom
My Bff

You were with your Bff at the mall and you really want to go to the clothes store.She dosen't.Your Bff:

Smiles and says they can go to the clothes store first
Crosses her arms and says "What's wrong with the food court"

When was the last time you and your Bff went to the movie's together?

Last Month
Last Week

Do you know your Bff's full name?