What Dress are you?

What Dress are you?

What kind of dress are you?Take this quiz to see what one you are!Thank you all my fans for inspiring me to make a dress quiz!Please tell me what my next quiz should be!

published on November 24, 2012204 responses 38 4.2★ / 5

What do you look for when you want a dress?

Legs that show
A jacket to go with it
A belt to go with it
Lots of layers of dress

What's the color of your dream dress?

Light Pink

What does your dress say when you wear it?

I like to show my style and make a scene
I like to stay in the shadows and laugh
I like to be bright and peppy
I like to be beautiful and poupular

What do you want as a dress?

Pink Rose
Light Love
Ocean Blue
Devil's Black

It's a good quiz.Do you agree?

No.It's too bright!
It is good!

Okay!Let me confirm!You want what dress?

Pink Rose
Ocean Blue
Light Love
Devil's Black