Would you survive me? (2)

Would you survive me? (2)

This is just to see if you would survive me in my slenderwoman form! This takes place in your house!

published on March 23, 20215 responses 7
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You sitting on your bed, Studying and you hear the sound on your door opening what do you do?

Ignore it it's probably just my parents
Check it out it could be someone to flirt with~ or the creepypasta I love!
Grab weapon of choice and pretend your sleeping

You hear foot steps and the are getting closer to your room.... What. Do. You. Do.

Ignore it probably my parents coming to check on me
Change my outfit to something more appealing~
I'll Look for an escape route incase I get caught and make a plan

They are in your room look and see slenderman's daughter What do you do?

Say hi but there's no answer... I'm still gonna ignore it tho
Say hi and start flirting or ask about The creepypasta you love
I'm gonna put my plan into action distracted her then I'm gonna jump out my windows roll on the ground and go to(B/Fs) house

Thus is for who didn't leave


What are you doing while I'm not trying to kill you currently?

I ask you questions but your ignoring me and now I'm getting mad
Your Flirting or asking about a creepypasta

Thus is the end so umm yeah how as your day? Rate it in hearts!


Welp this is the end I hope you enjoyed the quiz and I'll se you next quiz

.... Me:Sill ignoring me huh
Bye Cutie~ Me:I can't wait to kill you no offense
Bye have a great day