What dictator are you? (1)

What dictator are you? (1)

Find out what dictator you are most similar to by taking a personality quiz comparing you to histories past dictators.

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If a friend were to describe you they would most likely say that you

were committed to achieving your goals
you were well liked
you are extremely confident
you are extremely loyal
you have more enemies than friends

How would you describe the way you choose your friends?

based on their beliefs
you manipulate them into liking you
you like them to be trustworthy
everyone likes you and its not hard to make
your already a big deal and everyone looks up
to you

How would you best describe the way you express yourself?

Through art
through media
you don't express yourself very well
through long energetic speeches
you don't really need to try and express
yourself because you're better then everyone

How do you overcome obstacles?

by committing yourself to the cause
you depend on the help of others to get
through it
you make a well thought out plan
with a positive attitude but will do anything to
avoid failure
you eliminate your obstacle

What motivates you?

the will to win and will to work for it
to achieve your ideal of perfection
your family and intelligence
you're not very motivated and will give up if
things don't go your way

How do you see your self as a person?

heavily competitive and protective
revolutionary leader
a god among mortals
the perfect and ideal person
not very motivated and dependent

out of these which of these appeals to you most

public speaking
being in control

how do you think you will die

murdered by your own people
poor health
old age
heart attack

if you had one wish what would it be

protect his country
get rich
to become popular
to bring justice to your loved ones

whats one thing you could change about yourself

choose friends more carefully
better planning
become more popular
handle failure better
become more realistic