What Animal Are You More Like?

What Animal Are You More Like?

Which animal personality do you have? You could be a cat or a dog. Take this quiz to find out which animal you act like.

published on April 27, 201522 responses 11
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Are you loyal to your friends?

Yes, I always am loyal to my friends even if they are mean to me I will still be nice to them and forgive them for all of their mistakes.
Sometimes I might ditch them and do something by myself. I don't always want to be around other people.
If they upset me I will pout and never forgive them. They made me angry!
I am a loyal but I don't follow their every command.

You get in trouble for doing something. What do you do?

I will put my head down in shame. I know I have made a mistake.
I don't want to get in trouble! I will run and hide under the nearest bed hoping no one will ever find me!
I will apologize for doing the wrong thing.
I will look at the person that suspects me make big eyes, and slowly walk away hoping they will believe I am innocent

Your mom tells you to clean your room right now. What would you say and do?

I would say "Yes mother." and go clean my room. She is the boss of me after all.
I would say "Make me!" and stand there with my arms crossed. No one tells me what to do!
I wouldn't say anything. I would just walk to my room but then lay on my bed and watch TV. I am too lazy to do it!
I wouldn't just clean my room I would make a game out of it! I have so much energy and I must get it out!

How much energy do you have?

Tons! I am always running around exercising or playing active games.
I don't have much energy at all. I just mostly watch TV, play video games, and sleep.
I don't have any energy. I am always sleeping. I am barely awake at work or school then as soon as I get home I sleep for the entire day.

How do you act when you meet knew people?

Excited! It's so nice to meet knew people!!!
Shy. I am very nervous to meet someone I don't know.
Loyal! I act like I have known them for years!
I might act grumpy. I don't think I want to meet anyone new, and they make me jealous with the newest phone that they own.

How do you usually feel?

I usually feel happy and energetic!
I usually feel shy and act mysterious.
I usually feel loyal towards my friends and greet them!

What do you think about this quiz?

I am very excited to see what animal I am!
This quiz is so boring. Hurry up with the questions and get this over with.
*Yawn* I am going to take a nap.
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy this quiz is soooo fun!!!!!