Which fantasy world should you live in?

Which fantasy world should you live in?

game of thrones westeros,wizarding world of harry potter,vampire diaries mystic falls or hunger games panem?

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which sounds the most fun?

a huge battle! bring it on.
turning my enemies into toads!
playing pool at the local bar!
being on a reality tv show!

what is the life expectancy like in your town?

noone is safe....
quite good unless you're a loser who cant do magic!
there are a lot of mysterious deaths & disappearances...
it used to be peaceful but theres a LOT of riots now,not everyone survives..

what would you want the most?

to rule the world!
the ability to do magic!
to destroy the corrupt government!

how old are you?

if im young do i have a better chance of survival?

choose a weapon:

fangs ;)
anything i can lay my hands on!

do you know your family name sigil and motto?

yes! thats very important to me.
why would that matter?
i just know my family history goes back a loooooong way
i know my district? does that count?

choose an era from history to live in?

i guess anytime before "you know who" was alive?
the future

Best way to travel?

by horse
by broomstick
speed running!
i guess a hoverplane would be cool?

choose a male best friend.

Sam Tarly
Neville Longbottom
Matt Donovan
Peeta Mellark

choose a female best friend.

Arya Stark
Luna Lovegood
Caroline Forbes
Prim Everdeen

what are the LEAST scary?

white walkers
death eaters

who would make a better king/queen/president?

Harry Potter
Elena Gilbert
Katniss Everdeen