What tv show is right for you?

Out of stuff that I watch. Most of them are tv14. Have fun! More description.

published on September 10, 20185 responses 1 4.0★ / 5

Lots of drama?

Somw but not the whole focus of the show
Maybe a little

Lgbt charatcers?

Yes totally!
I don't care either way
No way
Maybe one or two

Which plot sounds the most interesting

A family of 5 have to manage after their parents die in a car crash. Drama. Pg but
REALLY should be tv14
100 teenage prisoners are sent to the ground almost 100 years after a nuclear radiation
thing to test if it's survivable. They have to fight a lot. Action and adventure with some
romance here and there. Tv14
Orphan lives with family. Set in like the 1800s maybe the early 1900s. Drama. Pg
Comedy. Pg
Junior high and high school drama, romance, and comedy. tv14.
A lesbian couple has a bunch of adopted/foster teens and children. Drama. Tv14
Two teens find out they were switched at birth. Drama. Tv14
4400 people who went missing from all different times mysteriously appear in a ball of
light around 2004. They have super powers and are meant to save the world from
ending. Drama, action, and adventure. Tv14.
A mom and dad have a bunch of misbehaved boys
4 girls best friend was found dead and they are now getting emails, letters, and texts
from someone named -A who is going to destroy their lives. Mystery. Tv14
Reality baking show. Tv14
Single mother raises daughter. Comedy, drama, and romance. Tv14.

How long of a series

2-4 seasons
3-5 seasons
5-7 seasons

Violence yes or no

Noooo *runs away screming*
I don't care if there's a little