what lip balm are you?

what lip balm are you?

find out what lip balm flavour you are and do this test on your friends for fun

published on March 28, 201724 responses 2
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lets start

get on with it you are wasting my time
first let me check my twitter
what did you say sorry I wasn't listning
ohh yayayayayayayayayayayay lets be best friends

how many friends do you have

does musically count
friends are for cowards
the fishes are my best friends and I have about two of them

are you hungry?

OMG I don't want to even look at food right now, I only have starbucks
whats in the fridge?
sweet fluffy candy floss
more sausages

do you speak another language fluently?

hola , Spanish of course I am me
I speak rat
I am a fairy whisperer shhh

in your spare time you

I never have spare time
I sit in the darkness
I play with the pixies
I watch my friends eat dinner

see you next time Gooday

aww why do you have to go
I don't care just go away
FINE I will find you