Would I Date You? (21)

Would I Date You? (21)

I'm completely rando-BUNNIEZZ ... Anyways, I'm random :3 I also saw a lot of these types of quizzes, and decided to make one :P ENJOY! BUNNIES! XD

published on January 28, 201540 responses 12 5.0★ / 5

Are you funny?

Yeah! :D
Kind of depends on my mood! :3
Sometimes ...
Nope D:

Are you kind?

Yes, especially to my girlfriends! (Aww! ^-^)
Mostly ... Again, depends. :P
Ehh ...
NOPE! (ok ok dont need to yell ...)

Are you honest!? X3

Yes, very! (Yay)
Yeah sometimes! :D (Well true we've all lied before :P)
Mostly liar ... (It's ok :D)
I'm a liar B!TCH! (O_O you scare me ...)


THEY SO FWUFFY! (:3 that was really random of me tho ... XD)
Lol (:D)
Uhh ...

Are you random?

Yasss! :3
Sometimes! :D
Err ...
NAO! (Stop yelling ...)

Do you like animals?

Yes! Of course! :3
Most of them! :)
Idk most of them ...

What do you judge a girl by?

Personality, and a little bit of looks!
Looks, but a bit of personality!
Looks ... JUST looks!