Which Naruto Character Are You?

Which Naruto Character Are You?

Hello! I hope you enjoy this Which Character Are You? Quiz! This is my first quiz! (This is not based off of Shippuuden)

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If your teamate is knocked out and is about to get stabbed by dozens of needles and killed, what would you do?

If your teamate is knocked out and is about to get stabbed by dozens of needles and killed, what would you do?
*You jump infront of them and take the hit, thinking: "I can take this." and you bleed to
*You slide across the ground and kick them out of the way so they would not get killed.
You get hit badly, but you still survive. You cannot fight, are at risk, and may
*Wavering, you jump in front and take the hit because you want to help in some way.
You were not injured badly since you avoided the fight beforehand, and you're able to
continue fighting to protect our teammates*
*You charged courageously at the needles, trying to hit them with a kunai, but your
teammate still gets hit by a few. You took the blunt force of the attack, but now you're
both injured worse than what you were before! You still protected them and yourself,

If you saw your teamate covered in knives asking for help, what would you do?

Panic! How gorey and horrible! When you come to, you use your knowledge to try and
help them.
You try to release a genjutsu just in case it's fake. After finding out that it is real, you
trot over quietly, being cautious of traps, pick your teammate up, and try to get them to
a safe place.
You charge in at them, and question if they're alright.
You looks around the area and hesitantly walk over. You drag them out of the way, and
think of what happened and how to help your teammate.

"Hey, your friend got new clothes!" How would you respond?

"It's not like I care! Clothes is clothes, and that's that!"
"I don't care."
"Okay, cool. What do they look like?"
"Good for them..? I don't understand why you're telling me this."

When you hear a gun shot in the middle of the night, what do you do?

Just don't care. "It's not my problem. Besides, I can't reach my goals if I'm dead."
You go outside, oblivious to literally any danger, and yell a challenge to whoever shot
the gun.
Gets the chills but tries to go back to sleep. "I doubt I can beat someone bare-handed if
they have a gun. It's just not rational."
I'd sneak outside quietly and search around a little bit. I take it slow, and stay down and
in the dark. If they attack, I'll probably try to run off, hide, and jump them when they
go past where I am hidden.

You walk down the street with groceries but someone jumps out of a window and steals your food. What do you do?

I run and after them, catching up eventually and take my stuff back. Afterwards, I go on
with whatever I was doing before my stuff was taken.
You walk away. "I'm sure they need it more then me. Besides, I doubt I'll be able to
catch up. I can always just get more."
Demand the theif to give them back and threaten to kick him to the moon if he doesn't.
En, you chase him, fight him, and get your stuff back.
Before they can even run, you elbow him, take your stuff back, and walk away as if
nothing happened.

You rode your bike to school one day after being threatened that you were gonna have something stolen from you. You leave the building after school but your bike is missing. What do you do?

You panic and get upset, but you swiftly stop yourself and calm down. "I will get it
Oh well. I can just walk home. *walks home without a care*
Go around demanding people to tell you where the bike is.
You shrug and just leave it at that. "It's not that big of a deal." *walks home*

If your friend goes K.I.A (killed in action) in the middle if an mission. How do you react.

"I will get my revenge.. Whoever caused this to happen will NOT get away with it.."
"WHO DID THIS TO YOU?! I WILL BEAT THEM TO DEATH!" * You let out a rage-filled
"Why did this happen.." *you continue on with the mission, and try to keep yourself and
our remaining teamate's emotions in check*
*You begin to tear up, but try your hardest to keep your head on straight. It's difficult,
but you manage to keep going with the mission, even while sobbing*

Ok, now to the personality questions!

Cool. I'm ready.
Ok! Bring it on!
Fine. Doesn't matter that much. I don't know why you felt the need to announce that.

What is your favourite colour?

Orange, red, hot colors!! They're so awesome!
Black, blue, purple. I like calm colors
All or none. I don't find much interest in colours.
Pastel colours and so playful!

Which trait best describes you?


Who is your favourite character?