What letter of the alphabet are you?

What letter of the alphabet are you?

Have you ever wondered what letter of the alphabet are you? Well now is you chance! Let go see!

published on August 20, 20169 responses 3

Hi!! Welcome to my quiz!

Um.. Hi?

1. So your at the mall, looking for some new clothes! You get:

Something that looks cool
Something sweet and cute!
A dress with bananas and lollipops!!
Something black
Sweatpants and a big shirt
A fab leather jacket and boots or high heels or sneakers!

2. So you go to school and go to your locker, and you realize you forgot your combination! You:

Shrug and don't care
Panic. Your stuff is in there!
Try to pull it open. It's worth a shot!
Groan and kick your locker then punch it
Look around for help
Scream at your locker in annoyance

3. So you go to the park and you see a cute guy/girl! You:

Stare at them
Walk over to them and introduce yourself!
Run over to them and climb on there back!!!
Try to make a great impression on them that is not true. They are yours!
Sigh and sit down on the bench and look at them
Walk over to them and start flirting!๐Ÿ’‹

4. Your mom tells you that we are moving across the world and never visiting. And that's away from all your friends! You:

Say: but mom!!
Your sad but nod
Sit down on the ground and mope
Be a rebel: run away and live with your friends :)
Fall asleep on the couch
Yell at your mom: NO

5. Your at school when a bully starts being mean to you. You:

Punch 'em!
Tell an adult
Tackle them and make fun of them!
Punch them right in the face and use your evil skills!
Run away!
Trash talk them. No one messes with you!

6. Favorite animal:

Any cool flying animal: like a falcon!
Maybe a unicorn or a horse, and a Dolphin!
Puppies!! And dogs!!
Spiders and snakes๐Ÿ˜ˆ
Hmm I like all of them
Mm of course a cat!

So you go to the store to get a poster for your room. You get:

Probably a skateboard or a basketball
Hmm.. Something cute and sweet!
Maybe a skull.. Something evil!
Um... Anything!
Probably a fashion poster or movie star!

So did you like this?

Yeah sure
Yes i did!
Yep! It was fun!
Umm yeah..
It was amaze!

One more quick question. How would your friends describe you?

Fabulous and perfect!
Pretty easygoing
Mischeivous and sneaky
Funny and crazy!
Kind and caring
Awesome and swaggy๐Ÿ˜Ž