Which of the evil Roman Emperors are you?

Which of the evil Roman Emperors are you?

some of the most evil men in history were roman emperors,but which of them are you the most like? find out here.

published on August 18, 201517 responses 5
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Best way to end life...?

slip away in my sleep...
assassination, i'd rather be hated and fun,than loved and boring!
i'd choose my own death at my own time...
i'd probably be assassinated by my own council
i'd be assassinated in the bath or something weird like that! hahaha
some random soldier would kill me by a roadside somewhere...most likely
my guards will have had enough of my antics and finish me off

Best time to come into power?

November...just in time for Christmas :D
August...in the Summer is funner! hahahaaa
December...when its cold...like me...
August....the best time for competing in tournaments!
April...in lovely spring....shame im not lovely.HA
What does it matter? Make me Emperor NOW!

How long would you reign?

ugh...i dont know...i didnt want to be Emperor anyway!
ill live hard and die young!
as long as it takes to become an Enemy of the State...hahaha
however long it takes to rid the world of petty religions
i always win so i imagine ill rule for a good while!
until someone dares to try to kill me!!
however long the empire can put up with my youthful crazy ways :''D

How do you feel about religion?

I dont care...i just want to escape to an island and live in peace
I can blame religion when something goes wrong to save my own skin hahaa
All religions other than Roman should be abolished!
I care more about gladiator fights and hunting
It does not bother me but if anyone stands up to me...they die.
I will give Rome a new religion!

What is one of your favourite pastimes?

relaxing on a island
ordering more statues of myself
executing people
torturing anyone who displeases me
competing in animal and gladiator fights
murdering and looting with my army
cross dressing and having affairs

Best age to come into power?

50's....lots of life experience
mid 20's..in my prime!
17....just outta school ;)
very young!

Where would you like to have been born?

Rome in Autumn
I was not BORN i am GOD
Somewhere secret...