What is your bending element?

What is your bending element?

Find out what element you are by taking this quiz. Comment your element.

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How well do you get along with others?

Very well and always tell jokes
Fine but mostly don't get along
Well normally unless they offend me or my friends
Not really only rarely

Out of these four which one would you want the most?

Speed and agility
The ability to face things head on
Turn strength into weakness
Use power over power

What month were you born in?

Near the end of May or June or August
Start of May or February or January or December
March or April or October
November or September or July

If someone betrays you what will you do?

Try to forgive them
Never forgive them, they betrayed you
Forgive them if it wasn't that bigger deal
Say you forgive them but still hold a grudge

What are you like at home?

Bursting with energy
Very loud

What is the worst disaster in your opinion?

Volcano eruption

If you had to kill someone would you?

All life is sacred I wouldn't
If I had to and didn't look for another solution then yes
I will If I was ordered
If the reason was good then yes