Which DIY face mask should you try?

Which DIY face mask should you try?

Which face mask is right for your skin type, oil skin, combination skin and dry skin. Go to my wall to see my Ultimate Acne Guide!

published on August 05, 201518 responses 1
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Press your forehead against a piece of paper for 10 seconds. What do you see?

A lot of oil.
Minimal oil.
No oil.

How would you describe your face right after you wash it?

It has a bit of a shine to it
A little dry, but not really
Kind of flaky

The summer climate of the town you live in is:

Really humid and sticky
Not that humid or dry
Super dry

Do you ever feel like your skin is very itchy?

Nope, not ever
Every once in a while
OMG yes – all the time!

In which season does your skin feel and look the best?

It's the same all year round

Do you think you have more zits than your friends?

Yes, unfortunately
I think I have about the same
No, I have less

Do you ever notice red patches on your skin?

Sometimes on my cheeks
Yes, it's so annoying

Do you ever feel like your pores are very noticeable?

Yes, for sure
They look normal to me
No, I can barely see them

Do you like using lotion (face moisturizer) to moisturize your face?

Nah, never
Every once in a while
Yes, it makes my face feel soft