What Soul Eater Character Are You? (1)

Are you a big fan of the show? Do you think you and the main characters feel each other? Well this test is to see if that's really true as for you can match your wavelengths with the main characters, the side characters, or even the antagonist of the story.

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What Soul Eater Character Are You? (1)
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What's your favorite color?

I don't have one.

If you see someone picking on someone and starting a fight, what would you do?

Help the person being picked on, and use them to do favors for you as long as you're their body guard.
Leave them alone, that's their own fight that they need to learn how to deal with on their own.
I would just stand there like an idiot not knowing what to do.
I would be the first one to yell "fight!" "fight!" "fight!"
I would sit there and watch.
Teach them to pick on someone their own size.
I would break up the fight and try and cheer up the person being picked on.
I would want to do something about it but I wouldn't be able to find the courage too.
I would try to break up the fight before anyone got hurt, and try not to hurt anyone or get hurt.
I would lecture them on how stupid they're being.
I would leave it be and continue what I'm doing.

What kind of occupation do you wish to have?

Hair stylist.
I...I...I don't know, whatever I come across I guess.
A teacher.
Helping people with hoarding problems become more organized.
Somewhere in the government so I can be more manipulative.
A job? Those are boring.
I never really thought of it before.
Something small I guess.
I'm high school dropout, I'll never get a job.
A surgeon.

What kind of dog would you want?

German Shepherd.
The most strongest most beastly dog ever.
Siberian Husky.
Afghan Hound.
I don't really care.
Border Collie.
I can't have a dog, I would just kill it.
I hate dogs.
Well it has to be smart, and loyal, and it can't live that long. Oh yeah and it can't be too fat or too small, it can't bark a lot. No that I think about it there aren't many dogs that can fit my personal needs.

How many siblings do you want?

Why? I don't have any family, and I'm fine with it.
I don't know, what difference does it make?

What's your favorite food/drink?

Neat and clean rich people food.
Water's just fine.
Everything edible.
Don't really have a favorite.
Giraffe meat.
Coffee, or was it roasted tea...
The older the better.

If you could be any animal what would you be?

Albino Lion.
I don't really care too much.I don't really care too much.
There is no animal fit for me.
I'm not good with animals.

If you had to do a report on something, how would you put it together?

Spend my time organizing all of my notes, then organizing it together on my rough draft for my rough draft etc.
I would lecture one on the stupidity of the report itself.
Study hard and do it right.
Right the most meaningful word I can, my name.
Find a way out of it.
Color it.
Originally I would try to write it, but then procrastinate and get side-tracked and end up failing.
Treat it like anything else, just a normal school project.
Trick someone else into doing it for me.
I would probably think about it wayyy to much.
Not do it at all, that stuffs boring, I can deal with the consequences.
I wouldn't know what to do.

What's your favorite activity?

Getting better at my interests.
Just simply thinking up ideas.
Watching T.V.
Partying with friends.
Lecturing others or thinking critically about them.
Researching important things.
Video games.
I don't really have a favorite.

Role-play; you just met Excalibur for the first time, what do you do?

Chat with him, I find his idea's and stories more intriguing than others might.
Stay there for a little bit longer, maybe his obnoxiousness is just a test and he isn't really like that.
Why would I want to do that?
I really don't know what I would do.
Inspect and research him to try and find out what it is that makes him so annoying.
I would try and snap him out of his weird personality, then realize it's hopeless.
I wouldn't stay there long enough to listen, as soon I see how lame he looks then I know he's like that in reality.
Go along with it, I'm not good at telling people their annoying.
Deal with it because although he's obnoxious he's still the strongest sword on the world.v
I would try to say something, but I would just find myself dumbfounded.
He would say "fool" so many times I wouldn't be able to get at what he's really saying.
Try to go along with it, then realize that this guy is annoying and cannot be dealt with.

Role-play; your a meister and your weapon is hurt at the time while facing a strong enemy, what do you do?

Try to fight even though I'm not good at fighting without my weapon, my will power should be enough.
I would never let that happen to my weapon in the first place.
I don't normally fight with my weapon in the first place, weapons are for the weak.
I would tell my enemy that they aren't being courteous and that Mondays aren't good days for disasters.
They're gonna regret ever hurting my weapon.
Good. My weapon only held me back anyways.
I would laugh it off.
I would mourn so much that I get myself injured.
I would be dumbstruck for a while but then remind myself that I have to keep fighting.
I wouldn't know what to do.
I'm not good with these questions... can I pass?
I would fail not being able to fight without them.

Role-play; you're a weapon now and you just archived the biggest dream a weapon can have and that's becoming a death scythe. What do you do?

I would try to act tough but end up crying.
I would let everyone that picked on me know that I'm a lot better than they can ever hope to be.
I would simply be happy.
I would propose a speech that I've spent working on since I attended the DWMA.
A death scythe? Yeah okay in your dreams.
I would start off be planning revenge and a finding a more ultimate power.
Throw a big celebratory party!
Lecture everyone on the greatness that is me.
Try to keep it a secret, I wouldn't want my normal life to change.
I would be honored, but I still wouldn't leave the side of my meister.
Move on, it's not that big of a deal.
Ummm... what's a death scythe again? It sounds dangerous.

Which Soul Eater character would you wanna be partners with?

Soul Eater.
Maka Albarn.
Tsubaki Natatsukasa.
Death the Kid.
Liz Thompson.
Patty Thompson.
Witch Medusa.
Crona and the Demon Sword.
Doctor Franken Stein.
Blair the Cat.
The Holy Sword Excalibur.