Who would you date in minecraft?

It could be herobrine Steve Alax notch Steve it depends if your a girl or a boy evil or good what your hobby is and well what your face color is or something

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What's your favorite color?

I love blue
Green is great
I like red.. The color of my victims blood..

What color is your hair?

Mine is brown
Sorta ginger
I have hair? I didn't know demons had that.l


I like red stone PvP and sometimes building
Im a real sucker for gaming!
Killing the people I hate most

What's your eye color?

A nice purplish blue
Blueish green
Black... The color of my soul..

Do you KILL

Yaaaasssssssssssss u made a question for me yassssssssssssssssssssss

That's the end!

K. Bye...
I'm a fan of this sorta

What would you rate this? (last question)

It's black like my soul..
It's ok.