Kiss in the Dark

Kiss in the Dark

Got bored so I made this. Includes your sonic oc and sonic characters! :3 But their's a secret twist in it! ;) For girls...

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You sat down on the sofa of Sonic's house, bored. You were waiting for Amy to come down and tell you her big 'surprise'. You thought of what it could be and rolled your eyes. Probably something stupid like spin the bottle. You shivered as you remembered the last time you played that game...Okay.. you might have enjoyed it but you were forced into playing it. Aurey sat down next to you and placed a hand on your arm. "Oooh, you're shivering. Are you cold?" She asks. "No, just worried about what Amy would suggest. You know, like last time..." Aurey chuckles and gives your arm a pat. "No worries, whatever it is I'm sure you'll enjoy it!" You looked at her nervously and then sighed.

Eeep I'm scared... >n<
Oh geez...
I hope you're right Aurey..
Meh.. o-o

A few minutes later..Amy came running down the stairs and into the living room. "Okay guys! I have a game to play!" She cheers, getting everyone to stand up. "What is it, Amy?" You ask, slightly worried. She grins, "It's called..'Kiss in the Dark!' Okay so basically-" "Wait! What?" Sonic says, shocked. "Are you deaf, Sonic?! I said 'Kiss in the Dark!'" She rolls her eyes, "Okay, so anyway. As I was saying.." "Why another kissing game?" Grumbles Shadow, glaring at Amy. "Can you just shut up?!" She yells, growling. Everyone suddenly shuts up as she gets out her massive hammer. "Anyway! Basically, the game is that you have to walk around in the dark, blindfolded so you can't see anyone's eyes, and when you bump into someone you have to kiss that someone on the lips!"

Oh my god WHAT?!?!
Oh god damn piece of...UGH!
No no no shut up Amy no!
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You stare at Amy like she's mad. She's grinning like a psycho and then she laughs.

Oh god..
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Amy stahp you're scaring me!
... god no

"U-uhm.." Everyone muttered, staring at each other. "First..everyone has to go into different places." You all spread out around the downstairs part of the house. "Okay! Everyone get your blindfolds on!" Amy says, giving out black scarves. You all sigh and tie the scarf around your eyes. "Okay..! Turn your backs to face the wall.. and we!" Amy switches of the light and you guys start to wonder around blindly.

I hope I get someone good..
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