What Winx Keeper of the Gate are you?

What Winx Keeper of the Gate are you?

Are you Serena,Sonna,Daisiree,Lithia,Lemmy,or Illiris?Take this quiz to find out!I think you will like the quiz!

published on November 24, 201241 responses 15
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You are at the biggest basketball game in history but when you get there your seat is taken and the man in it won't move.You:

Pull out your cellphone and call your mom.She'll deal with it!
Use your powers to pull a small prank to get that seat!You DID pay 239 dollars on it!
Flip your hair and batt your eyelashes!That always works
Ask to be the Dj instead!You'd rather be a part of the game anyway!Hmph!
Disguise yourself as a player
Pay for another seat!It's not worth the fight!

Your crush asked you out last weekend but you still haven't talked.In fact you saw him with Poupular Girl yesterday.What's your reaction?

I drop out right away!He was wasting my basketball time anyways!
I stomp over to him and see what his promblem is!
Text him,then e-mail him,then call him and if he dosen't reply dump him
Calmy say your thoughts
Sing a song that will relax you
Yell and cry for about 2 hours

What is your favoriote color?

Orange and yellow

What's your favoroite type of movie?

Action and or adventure

You were with your Bff's but 5 seconds later their all in different stores!What friend do you go to?

The one in the perfume store
The one in the music store
The one in the cool store
The one in the sports store
The one in the clothes store
The one in the electronics store

You are in class,and your teacher asks you whether you had your homework and you realize you don't have it.You:

Explain politiely and tell her you forgot it!Honesty rules over all
Quickly explain that your dog ate your homework when you were excersing
Sing a song that will warm her heart!That will clear everything up
Show her your nails and try to change the subject
Confess infront of everybody!
Are just glad she isn't asking you about texting