What Kind of Movie are you?

What Kind of Movie are you?

I felt sorry about not completing my other Winx Club Quiz so I decided why leave all my friends(yes I consider all my fans as my friends,all 23 of them)in suspense.So I made this quiz to see what kind of movie you are!I LOVE Qfeast!

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You were at home but unfortaneouly your EX-BFF had planned a party and all of your friends are going!What do you do?

Show up and take your EX-BFF down from the spotlight!Who can focus during something funny?
Climb Mount Everrest and then make sure everyone knows!That'll show her!
Cry!How can you ever confront that BRAT!
Make a live movie about how crucial it was to be HER friend!

Who's your fav star?

Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez
I like all boy bands!
Taylor Swift

At a party you happen to:

Be laughing at every single word someone says!
Be very gushy over all the boys and the girls!
Be dangerous and summon a fight!
Be the paparazzi!You have your camera out!

Your mom just told you that you can't go to Prom if you don't ask Mom's boyfriend's son out!You:

Laugh and pretend it's a joke!That way nobody will ask you again!
Ask the boy OUT!Your getting that prom!
Sneak into the prom with your REAL DATE!
Ask exactly how the boy looks like!You need to know about this BOY!

What's the best color to wear on a date!

White or Black
Yellow or something BRIGHT!
Green and blue

You were watchting Tv over at your friends house and during commercial you see your favorite star dancing.You say:

Where's my phone!This is going on Youtube!
I wonder if he's an Extreme Sport guy
Awww!He's bunny suit is so cute!
Ha!HA!HA!He's wearing a bunny suit!HA!