What type of fairy are you?!!

What type of fairy are you?!!

Based off of the Tinkerbell movies. You could be a tinker, light, garden, water, dust, animal, fast-flying, performing or frost fairy!! Find out which fairy YOU ARE!!! :)

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When do you feel really good about yourself?

Alone ... doing my own thing
In or around the water <3
When there are plenty of people around me ... I will
help them if I can
Around animals
When I'm attending to my plants
Playing in the snow :)
Relaxing in the sun!
When I'm making things and being creative :D

What is your favourite hobby?

I love winter activities like skiing, snowboarding,
skating etc.
I love gardening <3
I love making/fixing things!
Watching the sparkling sun shine through trees is the
Showing-off is always fun
Hanging out with my friends and helping them with
anything and everything!
It's super fun playing with animals!

What is your favourite flower/plant?

What is your favourite flower/plant?
Grass because it's fun to make stuff with it like
Thistles because no one likes them, kind of like me
Sunflowers because they look like the sun!
Morning glories because they are up early to start their
day like me!
Water lilies :)
Catnip because cats go CRAZY when it's around! :P
Cranberries because they look cool in the snow and
they taste great!
Wood because all my instruments are made out of it
and it makes a great dance floor! :D
Roses and tulips are really pretty <3

What is your favourite season?

What is your favourite season?
All of them! The animals are always scurrying around :)
Summer or spring because it is the perfect time for
swimming :)
Fall because I like making things out of acorns and
fallen leaves!
As long as I'm left alone I'm fine
Spring when all the flowers are in full bloom!
WINTER WINTER WINTER! (I really love winter)
It don't matter! I can perform no matter the weather!
SUMMER because the sun is always out! :D
As long as I can still help people it doesn't matter to me

What's your favourite colour?

What's your favourite colour?
Yellow because it is bright like me!
Purple or pink :)
Maybe orange ... it's not really that important, helping
people is more important!
Very dark colours
Earth tones
Red like stage curtains!!
WHITE like the snow!

What is your dream place to live?

With stores close by so I have to tools to be creative
A sunny place
Where lots of plants grow so I can have a big garden!!
On the beach/lake ...maybe somewhere tropical?!
Near a community centre so I can help out
In the country or at a farm so I can be with animals
Dreams are stupid
A studio in a big city ... maybe I'll be on Broadway or in
a really cool band!
Northern Canada or in the Arctic, where it's winter all