What NEW Monster High Charcter are you?

What NEW Monster High Charcter are you?

There are 3 new Monster High ghouls!Take this quiz to find out what one you are!By the way,there are no pictures when your persanolity is revealed!

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Name the best movie ever and what genre it is in.

Get's It-Romantic
Employed For Life-Action

What's your style?

Shy and the opposite of the life in a party
Up in people's faces and loud
I happen to be a mixture of both

If you had ever gone to a concert at night without any supervision what would you do?

Totally freak!
Be scared but eventually figure out it's a once in a lifetime
Party and DANCE!It is your life!

What's the best show?

Hannah Montana(too bad it isnt on TV)
Shake It Up...no...Austin and Ally

What's your hair color?

Black(I have blue streaks)
Pink(Normal hair color is brown but I'm always changing it)
I KNOW!It was grey or blue no grey nooo blue

What's your fav color?

Blue and Gold
Green and Pink
Grey and Pink