Will Slenderman Kill You If You Were Lost In The Woods At Night?

Will Slenderman Kill You If You Were Lost In The Woods At Night?

It's been a while sinse I made a REAL Quiz, huh? Well, I'm back in the game, b- I mean.. never mind.. :P Well, this Quiz will tell you if Lil' Slendy would make you die if you were lost in the forest. By the way, this Quiz was origionally called, "Would Slender Man Kill You If You Were Lost In The Forest At Night", but theres a word limit so I had to shorten it. Have fun! >:D

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Do You Ever Feel Like Someone Is "Watching You"? (Yes, You Can Admire The Sexy Picture Of Slendy dB)

Yes, All The Time. ;A;
Not at all. :T

Do You Carry Knives or Guns Around With You?

Nope. Why Bother?
Yep! Never Know When You Might Need To Kill- I Mean Rescue Someone dB<

Have You Ever SEEN Slenderman?

Yeah, I think sso but I'm not sure...
No. O_o
Maybe I have....

What Size Is Your Bed? dB

Big Enough For Me To Sleep In. O_o
King Size, Cuz I am a God. dB
Big Enough For Two. ;) (I Haven't Given Up Hope That Slender Man Will Sleep With Me One Day.)
QUEEN SIZE, Cuz I'm a Goddess A.K.A FEMALE GOD! >:D Heck Yeah.
I sent my bed in for repairs lol
Standard Size But I Have An Anti-Murderer System

What Do You Say When You Meet Slendy?

*Fangirl Voice* " I know you want to kill me, but, I think we should be friends. We can do EVERYTHING together! And then eventualy, we can have our babies!" *Slender Man is scared of you now*
"Slendy!!! I'm your BIGGEST FAN!!!! Can I have your autograph!!!" :b
*Runs away cuz I hate him*

Is It Often Foggy Where You Live?

Yes, Quite Often, Ma Lady! *Sips Tea*
Nope ._.
Sometimes oFTo

Do You Own a 20 Dallar Bill?

Yep! Got It Right Here in my Handy Dandy wallet
I Got 2 10 Dollar Bills
No I'm Broke And I Live On The Street.

Quiz In Your Likings? dB<

Yes! 5 Stars! :D
No! >:U You Stink! *Throws Tomatos*