If you would be famous, what would you be famous for?

If you would be famous, what would you be famous for?

OK, thinking about maybe one day you if became world famous, everybody thinks about that but WHAT would you actually get famous for? Well, no need to think about it, just take the quiz! :D I spent a while on it and I hope that you enjoy it!

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What do you like doing best?

Reading, writing, I'm smart.
Shopping, be fashion fabulous!
Doing Sport!
Being funny/weird

What after school activities do you do?
(If none below, take one you'd like to do)

Singing lessons/Choir
The Jokers Club
Dance Class
Athletics, Swimming, etc.
The Brainy Club

Lets say you are in class and you're teacher picks you to do a certain activity.. What would it be? (You can pick what you would like to do of activity isn't listed here)

To help other kids with their work!
To cheer somebody up!
To help with a dance routine in the school production!
To help the sports department!
Helping with singing in the school production!
For clothes design/wardrobe person in the school production!

You're parents ask you what you would like for your birthday! You tell them that you would like...

A new joke book.
New clothes!
A new microphone/ karaoke machine.
Music to dance to!
A new sport game!

You are assigned a project about your life. You decide to do it on:

My sport events
When I participated in a spelling bee, Maths challenge, etc.
When I pranked or messed about with my friends!
Me, dancing to my favourite tune!
When I was singing in a play/school production, etc.
Well, it has to include fashion in some way!

What is your ideal outfit?

A nice outfit with a star that says: 'Singing Star'
A jacket with some pranks to prank my friends with!
A funky outfit that is comfortable when dancing!
A proper, neat look.
New Fashionable Designer clothes! Any old clothes is sooo last season!
A t-shirt with some short pants and a sweatband!

What do you and your friends do during break?

Discussing fashion!
Running around and being sporty.
Joking around and laughing.
Reading books/discussing brainy stuff.
Dancing! Duh!