Which Celebrity Are You most Like? (1)

Which Celebrity Are You most Like? (1)

This quiz shows you which celebrity you are most like! You are your friends could be just like your favorite Celebrity without even knowing!

published on November 22, 2012110 responses 17 3.6★ / 5

You and your friend are chased by a bear
Do you

Trip your friend up
Let the bear get you.

The school prom is coming up and your friend doesn't have a a date!
Do You

Not go to prom and go shopping with her instead
Rub it in her face that she hasn't got a date!

Your best friends has a crush on you brother!
What do you do?

Never talk to your friend again
Feel happy for her!

What would you prefer to do in your spare time?

Go Shopping!
Meet up with friends.

Do you know your friends full name?