How much are we alike (when it comes to doing silly things)

How much are we alike (when it comes to doing silly things)

Ok, we all get bored and we all do silly things to entertain ourselves, take this quiz and find out how similar you and I are when it comes to doing silly things XD

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Have you ever greeted a friend by saying, "Wazup ma homie?"

No hahaha
YES !!! XD
No, but i should :P
Nah, I greet them saying, "hello"
what's a homie? 0.o

Have you ever looked up a swear word on google translator? (just for fun)

Whoa, you can do that?
Yes ... LOL
No 0.o
I WANT to, but if I do my parents will kill me
Hmmm ... I'll think about it

Have you ever looked up bad words in a dictionary? (secretly of course)

Yes ...
Sort of ... they weren't 'bad' as such though
No, though I come across them sometimes when I'm searching near.
No, no, no, no, NO
I don't know of any dictionaries WITH those words.

Have you ever searched your name up in Google?

Yes, *teehee*
Nope ...
No ... but I will
No, my names too complicated for Google

Do you put little arrows at the bottom of you page so the teacher knows to turn the page?

Yes !!!!
Nope, I never write more than a page
No - I think they'll figure to do it on their own.
Yeh, I even write "turn page" underneath XD
I use another symbol other than an arrow

Do you ever try to count up to 1000 but stop because it bores you?

Yes, 1000 is TOO big
No, I make it TO 1000 !
Don't bother counting at all - waste of time
I can't count up to 1000 0.o
Yes, mainly to get too sleep XD

Have you ever recorded yourself singing, but find that when you play it you have to stop halfway through because it sounds bad?

Yes ... but I wont admit to having a bad voice
Ermm, I have done that but to only find that my voice is A-MA-ZING !
Yeh, I sound bad XD
Yes, but only because I wasn't trying XP
Don't have any reording tools.

Do you read quotes and LOVE them?

No, they make no sense ...
Yes, I loooove them
Some yes, and some no
What are quotes :/
I'm not gaga on them, but they're ok

If you read quotes, or know of any quotes, where are they normally from?

Teenage Posts
Some E cards
Well actual people said it, not a website
I don't read them

Do you like trying to say words backwards XD (Like Amy, that would be Yma)

No, too hard
Yes, I use paper too
Yehhhh :)
Hahahaha, who does that XD

What is your main use of internet?

Don't use internet (other than this)
Social Networking
Wikipedia and research

Last one, do you ever search up random things/people on Google when you're bored?

YES, all the time XD
Noooope XD
Erm ... when I'm really, really bored
Yeh, but mainly things that I have been meaning to search for a while
No - that's creeeepy