Are You An Entrepreneur

Are You An Entrepreneur

Answer these questions to see whether you are fit to be an entrepreneur

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Are you passionate in everything you do?

Hardly ever

Are you driven to work? Prepared to work long hours and give up luxuries now for success in the future?

I work hard now so I have a better life later
I only work when I get told too
I don't like to do a lot of work

Do you make your own decisions?

I decide on things myself, whether its right or wrong
If no one else decides I will decide what i think is right
I let people decide for me, I dont want to be wrong

Are you a risk taker?

I only take risks if they are low.
I take calculated risks to try and achieve maximum rewards.
I dont like taking risks, I'd rather not gain anything than risk losing.

Are you versatile and good at multitasking?

I can easily switch from doing creative work to numerical work whilst managing other people
I'm not a very good all rounder but i can multitask things i'm good at.
I can only concentrate on one thing at a time, and only have limited skills

Are you resilient?

If a challenge comes my way, I will overcome it
If a problem occurs I will try and fix it
If something goes wrong I quit

Are you focused?

Once I have an idea I go with it and dont let things distract me
When I have an idea i spend most of my time on it
When i have an idea I get distracted easily by other things that dont concern it

Are you success orientated?

I get self satisfaction out of achievements more than money
I get some satisfaction out of good results but money motivates me more
Money is the only thing that motivates me

Are you a good communicator?

I can communicate with people with ease and enjoy it
I can communicate with people but not very effectively
I dont really like talking to people

Do you take into consideration other people's ideas before making a decision?


Are you a theory X or theory Y worker?

Theory Y
Bit of both
Theory X

Are you always open to new ideas?

Sometimes, depends on the idea