which one direction boy will be right for you?

which one direction boy will be right for you?

which one of the boys from british-irish boy band one direction will be your loving lad just right for you?

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1. if you went on a date what would you wear?

sparkling high heals, a long flowering dress and a black leather jacket
skinny jeans with ripped holes, punk rock top with pink sparkles and leather boots that ring.
curling beach top, with lovely high top sandles and light weight fabric shorts.

2. how do you describe yourself?

loving hearted with a sense of humor
intelligent, helpful and kind
bossy, and a drama queen
always thinking about yourself, and not aprisheative

3. what would you like to do best?

go to the mall and go clothing shopping
sick on the swings and the street park
stay at home watching tv
practising your singing and dancing

4. if you could choose to go somewhere on a date where would it be?

in a posh indian restraunt
at the park eating some chips at a bench
at home watching tv with some sausages and mash
in the mall coffee plaza with a cake and tea

5. who is your favourite one direction lad?


6. if there was one christmas present you would want what would it be?

a holdiday
a iphone
a ticket to see your favourite band
a new room decoration

7. if you could go on holiday where would it be?

spain on the hot beach
egypt on the sunset camels
america in disneyland on rollercoasters
canada in the cold doing yoga for fun

8. if you were on a date with one of the lads what food would you order?

sausages with mash and gravy
steak with chips and steak sauce
jacket potato with cheese and salad
fish with potatoes and vegtables

9. what would you rather do?

go on a cruise ship for 3 weeks
sing on the x factor
dance on britains got talent
stay in the australian jungle for a month and im a celebrity get me out of here

10. what is your favourite song by one direction?

what makes you beautiful
one thing
little things
live while were young
gotta be you
up all night