What Time Of The Day Person Are You?

What Time Of The Day Person Are You?

Are you a morning person or maybe an evening person? Take this quiz to see! Enjoy it:)

published on November 19, 2012107 responses 35 4.7★ / 5

What's your favorite time of the day(or the time that you feel most alive and strong)?

Night time

Which do you prefer?

Gazing at the sunset
Gazing at the stars
Gazing at the sunrise
Looking at the sun high in the sky

What is your favorite color out of the following?

Black and silver
Orange, pink, purple...those kinds of colors
Bright Blue, bright yellow
Mellow yellow, soft pink, colors like that

What is your favorite meal?

Midnight snack

Will you comment?

YES!!! Of course I will! It's only 4p.m.!!:)
In the morning, I'm a bit tired(me: it's only four!)
After dinner, I prefer then (me:What's wrong with now?)
Later tonight, I'll feel more awke then(me: Seriously guys, it's only four PM!)