Are you very random?

Are you very random?

Are you or not? My 2nd quiz hope you like it enjoy and comment if possible! :D

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Whats 1 + 1?

Don't know

Your friend jumps into the pool. She/he struggles to swim. What do you do?

You jump in after them
You yell 'SPUD'
You lift them out and help them
You do gangnam style round the edge of the

You try to play a music CD. But it gets badly stuck. How do react?

You throw apple cores at your CD player
You leave it repeating all day
You lick the CD and try it again
You take the disc out, rub it and try again.

You see a shark in the sea. (your in the sea too)

You let it eat you
You act petrified
You scream
You say bananas! I see a shark wearing

Your little sis/bro steals your pocket money. What do you say/do?

You yell at them to give it back
You say your welcome
You say whatever you can have it
You call them a nutter
You tell on them

Your hanging out with a group of friends. They all say spud but your the last one. What do you do?

You say 'the one who denied it always supplied
You say "whatever - your all babies"
You just laugh
You insist it wasn't you (even though it was)

How many pairs of nickers/pants do you own?

How rude of you I'm not telling you
I none

You have a gross school meal. What do you do with it?

You start a food fight
You sit on your plate
You pretend its nice
You eat as much as you can manage

Someone tells you that your zippers undone. What do you do?

You pour juice on their head
You get in a frenzy
You scream and run out the building
You zip it back up and say thankyou for noticing
You unzip their zipper
You take your trousers of completely