are you a tom-boy or a girly-girl

are you a tom-boy or a girly-girl

please comment and enjoy! This is my first quiz. Do you wanna know if you love bows and ribbons and pink? Or cars, tank engines and battles

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What sort of books do you like?

Cathy cassidy books
Long novels
Harry potter
I don't like reading that much

do you like makeup? If you do, what type?

No way! Makeup is crap
Sure! I adore makeup
I like lipsticks, lip gloss, and dark eye shadow
I only wear eye liner
I wear it occasionally

I say to you "Your beautiful!" what's your reply?

Why thankyou
No I'm not, I'm an ugly loser
Thanks but... your prettier
I'm not that pretty
Oh thanks! Did you hear? I'm a famous fashion
model so I better prepare myself for autographs
and photos!

A boy asks you out. Would do you say?

It depends were...
leave me alone - BEAT IT!!!
Whatever you say boy toy!
No way

What's your favorite colour?

None of those

You get a B in maths. How do react?

I go extremely hyper and boast to all my enemies
I don't react at all
I scream then faint
I smile proudly

What colour would you paint your room?

Light purple with white stripes
red and yellow spots on orange
Magenta/hot pink