What type of Howrse player are you?

What type of Howrse player are you?

Ever wondered what type of Howrse player you are? Are you social and expert or a loner? Take this quiz to find out! (Answer as accurately as possible for an accurate answer)

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Do you enjoy howrse?

No I'm going to quit

How many horses do you have?

1 - 50 (most of them I never touch)
1 - 40 (I try to take care of every one)
1 - 60
40 - 100 (I try to get as many as possible
1 - 10 ( not much)

How often do you get on Howrse?

As much as possibly can (usually to PM my friends)
Not too often
Every now and then but I do try to find the time
Just started so I try to keep my horses going good.

Do wish Howrse would exist forever?


Do you know any of the mods on Howrse?

I am one
One of them are my friends (like best bets best friends)
One of them are my friends but we don't talk much
I want one to be my friend
They're mean and unfair

Why did you join Howrse?

Because it looked fun
To meet online buddies
To pass the time
I love horses

What is your ranking on Howrse?

1 - 10,000
10,000 - 50,000
1 - 5000
10,000 - 40,000