Could you servive the Zombie Apocolips?

Could you servive the Zombie Apocolips?

Could you servive the zombie apocolips? Take this quiz to find out. This quiz will give you promising results.

published on November 15, 201274 responses 19
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If you where walking and saw someone eating someone else you would...

Tell everyone what i saw
i would think they where using bath sault and continue my walk
I would tell my best friends and gather suplies,food,water,lighters,matches, stuff like that.

Do you travel solo or in a group?

id travel in a group. you never know when the others will come in handy... if you know what i mean.
yes cuz we humans need to stick together.
no im a solo type of person
whait what are we talking about agean?

What would you do if half of your group got seperated?

I would leave them. i dont want to die
I would try to find them but also stay low
I would look for them until i found them no matter what the cost
i would stay where i was until they get back

What would you do to keep from seperating from your group?

I would tell everyone that when they got lost or seperated to go to the place we talked about and have them wait there.
I would tell them there is NO getting back to the group once seperated
I would tell them to send out a flair.

Lets say you need a fire and you used all the lighter fluid. what would u do?

use a match and gasoline
i would find another way to light a fire
nothing just sleep as it is

You and a friend are being chased by zombies what would you do?

trip them
keep going and help them up when they fall
keep running and stop to let them ecape

choose one wepon thats youre favorit.

Michine gun
shot gun
cross bow

Are you a good runner?

Yes i run super fast
kinda. not really
i suck at it

Can you run three laps straight?


When the zombies die off what would you do?

restart life
who cares
i would try to repopulate. get my whole group to try to repopulate.