dr who companion

dr who companion

r u astrid, donna, rose, amy, martha, lynda with a y, or oswin? girls only!

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if you are about to leave the man you love what do you do?

grab a first aid kit, stand on it, and kiss him!
start crying
refuse to leave his side and have to be forced by him
kiss lightly on the cheek and walk away
walk away and don't look back
brace youself and stand brave and true
say "i wish i could stay with you" and let him walk out the door

what type of hair do you have?

curly blonde
ginger-brown straight
long blonde
brown spikey
long straight ginger
blonde in buns
wavy brown

if you were about to die would you...

fall into fire
your mind burn
be sucked into a parallel world
run out of oxygen
be sent back in time by the weeping angels
killed by daleks
turned into a dalek

what life would you lead?

a short but exciting one
a long but forgetful one
a short, upseting, exciting, and adventure filled one
a long but scary one
a long but missing someone life
a short but kind, love-filled and exciting one
a unknown futere

what is your eye colour?

grey as the fog
chocolate brown
deep brown