how much do u like relaxing

how much do u like 2 relax

published on December 01, 201025 responses 2
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wht do u do on a saturday night

study 4 tests 4 monday
go 4 a swim
idk (i dont know)
play video games
stay at home doing chores

do u go 2 church

ya church is amazing
no i just chill around in the house
when im not busy i guess
nope y should i im on the couch rite now

wht do u do 4 reecess(lunch)

how should i no
hang out with my friends
study 4 a big test coming up
hang around
go 2 class 2 be the 1st on there

in class wen the teacher isnt looking wht do u do

pay attention still
start whispering 2 ur friends
i have no idea
start playing with stuff in ur desk
eye the teacher never let ur teacher out of sight

wen u get home from skool wht do u do

watch tv
have dinner?!?
grab some chips and start munching
read until bedtime

do u like sleeping

no id rather have a party
yes i like sleeping 4 8-10 hrs.
sometimes wen i feel like it
i dont no
right after i do my homework sleepytime