could u survive in the wild?

could u survive in the wild?

u were dropped in the woods, millions of miles away frm n e 1, what r u gonna do?

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what is the first thing u do?

well, i need to figure out wher i am, calculate the time, and look for water, sheltr, and food.
cuss and walk deeper in2 the woods.
ummm... where am i?

u c a large bird, wat do u do?

get as close as u can without scaring it, and wen ur close enough, try to grab it.
scare it of! it looks like it wants 2 eat me!
make a weapon, and wach it, then try 2 kill it 4 food.
grab it and almost kill it, but go soft and set it free.

ok. did u kill the bird? if u did, skip this and go 2 question 4. if u didnt, stay here, and aftr u answer this, then go 2 question 4.

what do u do 4 water?

find a river
wait 4 it 2 rain
soak up dew frm the grass

how long do u walk per day?

only as much as i can handle
i run in a random direction until it gets dark, then i curl up and start 2 cry.
about half a day nonstop.
a full day, stopping frequently to eat and drink, and biulding a fire and a small shelter whaen it gets dark.

what is the thing u would most likely do after 3 days?? this is the last question.

give up
make a signal for passing planes and stuff 2 c
accept ur life in the wild and try to have fun by jumping off a waterfall.
wrestle a croc.