are you a human?

are you a human?

this quiz will tell you if your human, angel, alien or a demon. you must take the quiz!!!!

published on November 13, 2012124 responses 42 4.5★ / 5

there is a haloween party where they serve fake brains. wat do u do?

fake brains? cool! i want 1!
um, eww. but ill try it.
id rather have souls.

what is ur biggest wish?

world peace!! and 4 evry1 2 blieve in god!
idk, but its probly selfish.
for every1 to burn! until they die! hahaha! i have self esteem issues!
to inslave the world.

you are mad @ your friend, and She is mad @ u. wat do u do?

talk it out. thers probly a good reason.
yell " i hate you!!!" and try to push her into a pit of lava.
try to suck out her brain through a crazy straw

whats ur fave color?

blue, like underwater
red, like fire
white, like stars

how often do u cry

when i c somethin terrible, like bullying or a baby thats hurt or somethn!
only when im rlly sad.
i dont have tear ducts!
my father abandoned me. my mother tried to kill me! i have no family! tears a re 4 WEAKLINGS!!! *SOB*