The Youtuber You Should Watch

The Youtuber You Should Watch

What Youtuber should You Subscribe and watch ! Girls Only Please. Plz Take..

published on November 13, 201299 responses 5
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Who Would You Date ?

Im a Girl I like Boys
Im A Boy I Like girls
Im A Girl I Like Girls
Im A Boy I Like Boys

Ok Drink -What Do You Choose

Girl starbucks latte
Girl Starbucks mocha
Girl starbucks Hot Chocolate
Girl Energy Drink/Gardarade

Gender? and how you say hi to someone

Boy, Hey/Hi
Boy Ello/Yello
Boy other
Girl Hey/Hi
Girl Ello/yello
Girl other
Girl Why Do Ya care

How Old Are You? And a thing you need!

12-17 looking good when sick,casual outfit, ect.
11-16 a thing to crack up 2!
11-17 popular videos while seeing it reacted to
11-18+ Unique girl with a epic nerdy side and a normal girl side

What do you like from a youtuber?

Makeup tips clothes fashion
A Show/Sitcom
Reacting to normal and weird
A epic fun person with other youtubers and awesomness