Are you ~ Calm ~ or BAD tempered?

Are you ~ Calm ~ or BAD tempered?

How would you handle certain situations? Can you be calm and walk away or get into a fight? Find out in this quiz!

published on November 16, 201274 responses 38
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Someone insults you.
How do you re-act?

Compliment them and walk away.
Insult them back!
Walk away and ignore them.
Punch them and get into a fight.

Someone annoys you in class, they keep kicking on your chair.
What do you do?

Kick their chair back.
Ignore them.
Kindly tell them to stop.
Scream at them to stop it!

At lunch somebody comes over and calls you a 'Loser'

Tell them: "Oh, thanks, I love being called a winner!"
Call them a loser back.
Punch them in the face and yell at them.
Ignore them.

You and your friends get into a fight.

Try to talk it out politely.
Yell at them and regret it afterwards.

Your brother or/and sister annoy you. You..

Ask them to stop politely.
Ignore them.
Yell at them and hurt them.
I'm an only child