What word suits you best?

What word suits you best?

Find out just one word that suits you best! (There will be description to that word)

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You are taking school pictures and the photographer says you can do any pose that you like.

Make a funny pose.
Point to your brain or thumbs-up.
Cross your arms or 'GANGNAM STYLE!'
Do a CUPCAKE pose!
Stand straight, arms at your side.

You break a pencil by accident. You..

Laugh about and pretend to do it in slow motion.
Tell your friends some facts about pencils; especially broken ones and how the pencil works now.
Throw it away, don't care.
Shout: 'CUPCAKES!'
Tell a teacher that you snapped the pencil and take the blame.

You're in class and someone passes a funny note to you. You..

Laugh about it and send them a joke back.
Write a fact about a similar subject back to them.
Smile and pass it on to the next person.
Write back: 'CUPCAKES!!'
Ignore it and at the end of the class throw it away.

Your friends find out your biggest embarassing secret that you haven't told them. You..

Laugh and make a joke about it.
Share a fact about a similar subject.
Just ignore them, tell them: 'As if! I'm cool, not babyish!'
Tell them YES, it is true. Not messing about. Then go on with the conversation sensibly.

You mess up at a talent show. You..

Make a joke about it.
Tell some facts about messing up.
Tell them that was ment to happen.
Start doing a CUPCAKE dance.
Keep going on with your act.