Are you poupular?

Are you poupular?

Take this quiz to see if you really are poupular inside and out!This can be for girls and boys but mostly girls so that's the catergory!

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If you could do anything before you died it would be:

Make sure I was really poupular like president poupular
A tour around a muesaum
Do your hair,apply makeup...

Big day at Pep rally!You:

Well...I yell at my boyfriend to cheer even if were bad!
Frown and say "I look good,right"
Repeat "I can't do this and I won't!Adios!"

The Mean Girls just invited you to sit with them.You:

Didn't even have to ask!
Don't go!Why would you?
Go but 2 minutes later regret it

What 2 persanolity's are closest to yours?

Confident and Sassy
Sweet and Smart
Funny and Energetic

How long do you do your hair?

I barely do my hair but if I had about 2 minutes!It's just a ponytail with a bow.
About 30 minutes
2 hours!I thought you'd never asked!

What's your fav color:


Your crush asks you out and you have plans.What do you do?

Panic and choose your plans
Smile and choose your crush over your plans
Include him in your plans!Easy!

What is your least fav color?

Blue,it never changes I guess