what kind of girl are you!!!

what kind of girl are you!!!

what kind of girl are you a emo,preppy chic,theater girl,lolita goth or a nerdy girl

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what do you usually were on a causual day to school or work

jeans a fav shirt
a simple dress
a skirt ,legging and a blouse
anything over the top

what do you like to do on the weekends

hang out with friends family
go shopping <3
outside sports events
catching up on school work

what your favorite color

black brown gray
pink yellow pastel colors
blue purple red
what the mood feels like

what your fav kind of shoes

high heels
sandals or boots

it summer time what do you wear

booty shorts with a tank top
a jumper
jeans and a fav shirt
a summer dress

where do you shop

forever 21
aeropostale hollister
walmart target
victoria secret