wahat coulers suit you best!

wahat coulers suit you best!

plzz do it took me ages also i did it at 12 last night but couldent b bothered 2 publish cause i was tired. only 4 girls.

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when you grow up wich would you rather be?

a school teacher
a surfer, swimmer or body boarder
a kiss-o-gram
a vet or zoo keeper
an ice skater

you're at a movie but the film you want to see has sold out, what do you do?

go to the zoo and pet the animals
run to get your surfboard then head to the beach
go to a party
go to the local ice skating rink
see another movie

what is your fave food?

ice cream
chewie, duh!
anything water based, but nothing green!

what is your luck number?

8, meh, what the hell, just pick a random number a
keep skating.
72, its a very complicated number, let me tell you...
yeah, yeah, spare us the lecture, oh what? none.
13, unlucky for some
1, its simple
100, that how many guys flock to see me each day

you're fave shoes are?

high heels
ice skates
sensible flats